Software Updates

Step 1: Select Your Simulator

    Juno | START OVER

Step 2: Select Your Software Update

    Maestro | CHANGE VERSION

Step 3: Download Your Update

A free, updated version of CAE Maestro—the software driving your CAE Juno patient simulator manikin—is available for download!  Version 1.8 includes major improvements that significantly expand the value of Maestro.

Version 1.8 also includes support for the physiology option for model-driven simulation.  Customers that have not purchased the Physiology option can try it out for 30 days by activating the trial on the License Manager screen in Maestro.

Increase your operational efficiency with MultiSim! This new feature allows the instructor to control up to 10 synchronized units from a single instruction device

Debrief and assess learners with Session History, including logs of events, physiological data, and checklists.

Create valuable reference documents with the ability to generate PDFs of Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs).

Increase simulation realism with improved ECG waveforms.

Work in your language with localization of the user interface (English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, or Polish).

Please back up all content prior to installing the update. Once a new version is installed you will not be able to revert back to a previous version.

Simulator Updates

Maestro version 1.8 is for use with your patient simulator and should only be installed on the instructor device being used to control the manikin.

Please read the instructions carefully prior to installing Maestro.

Maestro Simulator Update Instructions

Maestro Import Learning Modules

Maestro MultiSim Getting Started Guide


Maestro Version 1.8

Maestro Standalone Installer/Updates

Maestro Standalone version 1.8 used authoring and running Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) without a manikin and can be installed on a Windows personal computer that meets the minimum system requirements.

Please read the instructions carefully prior to installing Maestro Standalone.

Maestro standalone install instructions

Maestro standalone update instructions

Maestro Import Learning Modules

Standalone Software

Maestro Standalone Version 1.8

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