Software Updates

Step 1: Select Your Simulator

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Step 2: Select Your Software Update

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Step 3: Download Your Update

A free, updated version of CAE Maestro—the latest generation of software driving your patient simulator—is now available for download. Version 2.5:

  • Offers custom sounds for Athena, Juno and Ares.
  • Supports using the SimEquip portfolio with Apollo, Juno, Ares and Athena. Elevate your training with the use of simulated equipment, including CAE SimEquip Ventilator, CAE SimEquip Anesthesia Machine, CAE SimEquip AED/Defibrillator and CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator.

CAE Maestro with Physiology puts simple control of complex experiences at your fingertips for effortless orchestration of your simulations. Download the latest version now.

Please back up all content prior to installing the update. Once a new version is installed you will not be able to revert back to a previous version.

Simulator Updates

Maestro version 2.5 is for use with your patient simulator and should only be installed on the instructor device being used to control the manikin.

Please read the instructions carefully prior to installing Maestro.

Maestro Simulator Update Instructions

Maestro Import Learning Modules

Maestro MultiSim Getting Started Guide


Maestro Version 2.5

Maestro Standalone Installer/Updates

Maestro Standalone version 2.5 used authoring and running Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) without a manikin and can be installed on a Windows personal computer that meets the minimum system requirements.

Please read the instructions carefully prior to installing Maestro Standalone.


Maestro Import Learning Modules

Standalone Software

Maestro Standalone 2.5 update for Windows