Introducing CAE Medicor and CAE Blue Phantom task trainers, hands-on clinical skills practice for healthcare learners at home or on-site.

Explore our full suite of hands-on task trainers for healthcare learners and practitioners

CAE Medicor and CAE Blue Phantom products are the most realistic and durable on the market, thanks to proprietary technology that provides lifelike simulation. These exceptional task trainers enhance safety and elevate healthcare quality and delivery.

CAE Medicor
Realistic and durable clinical task trainers

The durability and realism of this extensive portfolio provides a more practical solution for instructors as well as a superior learning experience for nurses, paramedics and medical students. These task trainers support asynchronous and synchronous learning, making them the perfect complement to CAE Healthcare’s Distance Learning Suite and Hybrid Learning Solutions. Made from Medicor's proprietary MedicSkin™ and MedicGel, these durable, mold-resistant task trainers are easy to maintain and disinfect, making them ideal for repetitive use and enhanced clinical simulations.

CAE Blue Phantom™
Reliable and flexible ultrasound training models

Practice and master ultrasound techniques with the world-leading partner in ultrasound training. Offering a broad range of training models, CAE Blue Phantom helps healthcare practitioners learn to perform ultrasound-guided interventional procedures with confidence. CAE Blue Phantom’s patented SimulexTM tissue matches the acoustic characteristics of human tissue and has been proven to withstand more than 1000 needle punctures1. Durability and commitment to Customer Service make CAE Blue Phantom the leading supplier of ultrasound skills trainers.

1 When used with an 18- to 21-gauge needle.

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