CAE's Hybrid Learning Solution

CAE's Hybrid Learning Solution offers a timely, cost-effective and intuitive training bundle that helps nursing students develop proficiency in patient care clinical skills at home and/or on-site.

Meeting the challenge of reduced patient access

The CAE Hybrid Learning Solution addresses the needs of today's nursing students and the complexity of modern healthcare. Our solution unites CAE Juno Complete, CAE Maestro Evolve and CAE MultiPad Skills Trainer to create teaching environments that develop psychomotor, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. By grouping products that support different types of learning, we facilitate the transfer of knowledge to actual practice.

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Capture greater savings and address your students' learning needs, while overcoming resource and distance learning challenges. Together, we can provide teaching environments that address the needs of today's students and the complexity of modern healthcare.

CAE Juno Complete

Simulation to prepare nurses for safe clinical practice

Gain contextual and conditional knowledge with more complex Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) in CAE Juno Complete, a comprehensive, realistic clinical skills manikin.

Juno manikins easily and fully convert from female to male for better skills proficiency and clinical assessment.

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CAE Maestro Evolve

Intuitive, interactive virtual platform for distance learning

Gain conceptual knowledge of key nursing-specific principles and theories with CAE Maestro Evolve, a powerful simulation training resource.

Maestro Evolve features the CAE Embody virtual patient, a simulated patient room with virtual medical equipment, and validated SCEs.

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MultiPad Skills Trainers

Hands-on, realistic patient care skills training tool

Gain procedural knowledge of key nursing-specific techniques with CAE MultiPad Skills Trainers, a new educational tool for learners within all healthcare professional disciplines.

MultiPad Skills Trainers feature realistic MedicSkin® from Medicor Labs, whose self-healing properties make it ideal for repetitive use.

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