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Simplify and enhance your simulation training capabilities, with or without a patient simulator

CAE SimEquip expertly mimics the management of a variety of medical devices for realistic and reliable hands-on training for resuscitation, ventilation and anesthesia equipment at an affordable price. Instructors can now expand the variety and complexity of Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) in both prehospital and in-hospital environments, providing hands-on training scenarios for healthcare students and professionals to obtain skills required for effective patient care.

CAE SimEquip trains learners how to configure and operate equipment, deliver effective healthcare of a patient on medical equipment, monitor a patient, interpret data, and troubleshoot issues. Our CAE SimEquip portfolio includes CAE SimEquip Anesthesia, CAE SimEquip Ventilator, CAE SimEquip Defibrillator, and CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator

CAE SimEquip Anesthesia

Hands-on training in advanced anesthesia equipment scenarios

Hands-on training in advanced respiratory care scenarios

CAE SimEquip Ventilator

CAE SimEquip Defibrillator

Hands-on training in advanced resuscitation scenarios

Hands-on training in advanced transport ventilation scenarios

CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator

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