Intelligent audiovisual capture system for video-enhanced debrief

CAE LearningSpace Experience is a simplified solution for simulation video capture and debrief. LearningSpace Experience/Replay is easily adaptable within a fast-paced healthcare environment where standards and practices are rapidly evolving. The user-friendly system allows clinical teams to practice new safety protocols and gain instant feedback.

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How can LearningSpace Experience improve your simulation or hospital-based training and debrief?  Watch the video to learn more.

What sets LearningSpace Experience apart?

Record and Debrief

Stunning HD recording that allows facilitators to debrief anywhere

Simple Video Sharing

Easily share video recordings with your participants

Center Monitoring

Monitor by name, date, physiological data, events and more

Built-in Intercom

Speak in to your training environment with a click of a button


Annotate on the fly or after the recorded session. Preset annotations and customizable bookmarks available

Simulator Agnostic

Capture any simulators or any medical device that has a video input

One software platform. Three configurations. Discover our devices.

Universal hardware

Saves time and money

Universal hardware

Our hardware light approach is easily scalable and can be tailored to meet your center’s needs. Our latest smartphone and kiosk accessories will help you streamline your workflow.

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Unrivaled support. Superior services.

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