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CAE's new and improved patient simulation software, CAE Maestro, is now available for CAE Lucina. Featuring the power of CAE Physiology for model-driven simulation and designed with a streamlined interface for instructor-driven scenarios, CAE Maestro is the most comprehensive and user-friendly application of its kind. Learn more about upgrading here.

CAE Lucina is the only wireless childbirth simulator with validated, integrated maternal-fetal physiology and interchangeable static cervices to train on all the stages of delivery and the rare emergency scenario. Lucina brings an impressive blend of features to the market including a more realistic and controllable birthing process, better articulation for labor and delivery maneuvers, and predicted APGAR scores based on the integrated maternal-fetal physiology. From normal delivery and breech birth to shoulder dystocia and eclampsia, Lucina does it all. With 10 pre-configured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs), Lucina allows instructors to increase throughput and manage multiple demands effortlessly. Click here to sign up for a free demo.


Lucina Tech Sheet

CAE Lucina Clinical Features

CAE LucinaAR Preview

CAE Lucina Postpartum Hemorrhage Setup

CAE LucinaAR Overview

CAE Lucina Setup for Non-gravid Patient

Lucina User Guide (English)

Addendum to the Lucina User Guide

Lucina User Guide (French)

LucinaAR with HoloLens 1 User Guide (English)

LucinaAR with HoloLens 2 User Guide (English)

CAE Muse - User Guide for Lucina

CAE Lucina Setup for All-fours Birthing Position

CAE Lucina Normal Delivery Setup

CAE Lucina Internal Blood Tank for Postpartum Hemorrhage

CAE Lucina External Blood Tank for Postpartum Hemorrhage

CAE LucinaAR

Elevate neonatal training with CAE LucinaAR, the first augmented reality solution that helps learners truly visualize childbirth and accelerates neonatal training. Powered by the Microsoft HoloLens 2, CAE LucinaAR can be used as a standalone application with a holographic manikin or can be integrated with the CAE Lucina manikin to enable continuum of learning.

  • Accelerate learning and retention with a complete understanding of physiology in childbirth and postpartum scenarios
  • Improve skills retention with self-paced and repeatable learning
  • Save precious faculty time with self-directed learning
  • Deliver training with minimal space requirements  


Lucina is a hybrid solution for both obstetrical patient management training and non-gravid, female patient care education. Tuck the simulated fetus into the delivery abdomen and Lucina is ready for OB rounds


Realistic palpable uterine contractions, a reliable birthing mechanism supporting automatic descent, and crowning and rotation of the fetus provide true-to-life learning experiences


Advanced CPR metrics measure the consistency of compressions and ventilations, as well as coronary and cerebral perfusion. Hand placement, chest recoil, and left lateral tilt are detected and logged by the Müse operating system.


10 pre-configured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCE's) that come ready to operate, from normal vaginal delivery to urgent and interventional birthing maneuvers (including Leopold’s Maneuver, Zavanelli Maneuver, Trendelenburg position, shoulder dystocia, vertex and breech delivery)

Value or Premier Warranty Coverage - Stress-free maintenance for your CAE Lucina simulator

All levels include unlimited technical and clinical support via phone and email as well as parts and labor, software updates, CAE Academy learning module updates & more

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Integrated maternal-fetal physiological modeling
Maternal aesthetics built from real patient measurements
Realistic and consistent birth canal
Accurate fetal descent and rotation
Multiple birthing positions: lithotomy, sitting and all fours
Rectal suppository administration and epidural port with infusion and aspiration
C-section team training support
Postpartum hemorrhaging, including Class III hemorrhage
Contracted and boggy uterus

Powered by Maestro

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Powered by Maestro

CAE Maestro is a user-friendly software interface that can be operated on the fly or with pre-programmed Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs). Maestro is intuitive, tablet-based, and allows facilitators to maneuver vital signs and patient states within seconds. Maestro also is designed for easy creation of user-developed Simulated Clinical Experiences and scenarios.

Maestro, CAE Healthcare's intuitive, tablet-based software allows facilitators to maneuver vital signs and patient states within seconds

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