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Helping you increase patient safety and improve healthcare outcomes
Meet CAE Healthcare
Who we are

Who we are

CAE Healthcare is one of three core businesses of CAE, a high-technology company that makes the world safer through cutting-edge training and critical operations solutions in healthcare, aviation and defense/security.

In collaboration with our customers, we empower practitioners and educators to perform at their best every day and when the stakes are highest by providing them with simulation-based solutions that enhance medical outcomes and make society safer.

Simulation addresses healthcare challenges
10 million
Additional healthcare workers needed by 2030 to provide adequate care
~2.6 million
Deaths worldwide due to unsafe medical care
Reduction in error rate when using simulation
> 50%
Reduction in time to proficiency using adaptive learning
How we help

How we help

Simulation saves lives. We learned that through our work in aviation, where simulation-based training helped reduce passenger deaths from one death every 1 million miles to one death every 1 billion miles.

While the aviation industry has seen significant safety advances, the same cannot be said for healthcare. According to the World Health Organization, more than 2.6 million patients die every year from an adverse event while receiving hospital care. That is unacceptable–and preventable.

Simulation is one of the most effective (and risk-free) ways to prepare healthcare practitioners for the moments that matter: treating patients, handling critical situations and reducing errors.

Leveraging our company’s 75 years of experience in simulation-based aviation training, we provide an ecosystem of integrated healthcare-education solutions that: