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Manage the virtual delivery of your simulation training – Standardized Patient/OSCE encounters, manikin-based sessions, lectures and presentations – all on one platform. Engage with students through live streaming, video uploads of lectures and student sessions from any device and web conferencing that is easily integrated with CAE LearningSpace to enable scheduling, recording, annotation and assessment of simulation training.

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Distance learning capabilities with CAE LearningSpace

Virtual Room for remote OSCEs, TeleHealth training and more

Schedule and manage OSCE/Standardized Patient encounters with the Virtual Room functionality. In a single step, Standardized Patients can start an OSCE with learners using web conferencing solutions such as Zoom that is seamlessly integrated with CAE LearningSpace to enable further annotation and assessment of the sessions.

Easy upload of video from any device for remote assessment

Record and upload videos from any device such as smart phones, tablets on CAE LearningSpace. These can include lectures by faculty or training sessions by students that are assigned to a specific activity.

Live streaming of simulations and lectures

Faculty can live stream simulations and lectures that can be attended by students virtually from anywhere.

Share content virtually for asynchronous learning

Upload and share presentations, pdf documents such as training materials and assessments for learners to access remotely.