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Realistic simulation that comes to you

Deliver powerful simulation training with CAE Maestro Evolve, an interactive virtual learning platform offering limitless possibilities for innovative instruction and content development with a continuous stream of new, pre-programmed scenarios, medical equipment and teaching tools.

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CAE Virtual Patient

CAE Maestro Evolve features our virtual patient with the most advanced physiology available today, integrated within a friendly interface that allows you to get started right away.

CAE Virtual Equipment

CAE Maestro Evolve includes a simulated patient room with virtual medical equipment that displays real-time medical signs and signals for facilitator-led remote simulations.

CAE Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs)

Developed by the CAE Healthcare Academy of faculty and clinical educators, our validated SCEs are based on current standards and best practices. Each SCE includes a patient history, SBAR report, learning objectives, a facilitators guide, debriefing questions and more.


Access your simulator, equipment, healthcare curriculum and assessment tools on one platform


Engage learners with facilitator-led group learning experiences that emulate on-premises, simulator-based experiences


Configure limitless base patients, from healthy to severely ill, and observe as the physiology responds automatically to interventions while you focus on teaching


Enjoy the flexibility of facilitating both hands-on practice and theory within your remote training programs


Deliver relevant educational content for clinicians with the reassurance that will be constantly updated and expanded by the CAE Healthcare Academy


Invest in a distance learning platform with predictable costs that will scale and grow with your education and training needs


Save on space and equipment expense with providing effective simulation training