Simulation Training Lab Transforms Healthcare in South Africa

| Roxanne Blanford

With iSTAN patient sims and a LapVR interventional simulator for laparoscopic surgery training, the Sunskill Laboratory at Stellenbosch University in South Africa is poised to transform healthcare education in the sub-Saharan region.

A new state of the art medical laboratory has opened in Cape Town, South Africa. With it, medical students now have the opportunity to train on high-fidelity medical simulators while receiving state-of-the-art practice in virtual reality and simulated patient care.

The Sunskill simulation laboratory at Stellenbosch University is the result of a multi-million dollar partnership between the university and global tech firm Medtronic.

Peter Fuller, Medtronic’s Vice-President for Sub Saharan Africa expressed the following sentiments about the simulation lab's opening:

The education and training facilities, just because of geography means that Medtronic will further invest in places like Nigeria and Kenya, Ethiopia and some of these countries are a real focus area for us.

As of this writing, the laboratory is equipped with 8 fully-simulated theatre operating stations, a dry lab and virtual ICU. At least 1,200 physicians will be trained during its first year of operation. The university is anticipating the acquisition of a CAE Healthcare LearningSpace audio-visual sim center management platform in the near future.

Watch the video now, here below.

Aimed at shortening the time students spend in live clinical/theatre training, simulation immerses tomorrow's practitioners in the virtual world of realistic training for enhanced skills development -- all without posing undue harm to actual patients.


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