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| Roxanne Blanford

As an educational platform, mixed reality has tremendous potential to significantly improve the healthcare training experience and, by extension, clinical competency and the quality of patient care. Due to its scalability and flexibility, digital learning environments (such as the augmented reality world of Microsoft's HoloLens) offer limitless opportunity for healthcare educators to deliver risk-free, repetitive skills training anywhere in the world.

And, as the technology of extended reality continues to evolve (inviting even greater advantages for training through AI, IoT, and cloud-based enhancements), CAE Healthcare is positioned to deliver cutting-edge educational solutions that blend simulation with world-class instruction and methodologies. These are the building blocks that help learning institutions save time and money, maximize the allocation of resources and disseminate enterprise-wide training.


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Improving Healthcare Training and Minimizing Patient Risk

CAE's scalable simulation solutions can advance healthcare training programs and transform learning environments.

CAE helps clinical learners to train smarter and more efficiently by providing immersive simulation experiences. With a growing portfolio that includes hologram-enhanced simulators for training in ultrasound, emergency patient management, and child-birthing procedures, CAE Healthcare offers the tools that training facilitators need to present their learners with fresh, interactive opportunities for enthusiastically engaging with training. This kind of experiential training motivates students in a way that spurs the retention of information and results in improved learning.

For example, a novice who is training in ultrasound and is using an innovative, three-dimensional device (i.e., CAE VimedixAR with the mixed reality visualization enhancement of Microsoft's HoloLens 2) can develop both a deeper understanding of spatial relationships in anatomy, and the psychomotor skills that are necessary to achieve competency in ultrasonography - all without putting actual patients at risk.

Once skills are mastered, the learner can quickly develop professional proficiency in ultrasonography as a result of having trained with a mixed reality headset that enabled him/her to realistically simulate ultrasound procedures.

Scaling Training Resources to Meet Your Needs

As healthcare training demands evolve, and training programs grow, finding the answer to the question, "how do we ensure that training is effective and learner-appropriate?" becomes paramount. 

To help ensure the success of healthcare training programs, CAE Healthcare provides educational solutions  that are scaled, customizable, and organized based on the specific requirements and objectives of individual training programs.

CAE Healthcare provides a full range of solutions that empower training facilitators to efficiently 

  • remotely distribute educational content across locations

  • digitally track the use of resources (rooms, simulators, personnel, etc)

  • adjust training in response to analytics and/or to fill any gaps in performance or curriculum

  • encourage self-paced training as warranted/needed by individual learners

Join CAE Healthcare in making healthcare safer.

Discover how incorporating our scalable education technology into your healthcare training program can accelerate learning and maximize retention of knowledge and skills.

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