A Turnkey Solutions Simulation Lab for Bengaluru, India

| Roxanne Blanford

October  2018 - Bengaluru, India

An all-new simulation laboratory, within India's government-run Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute (BMCRI) is the recipient of a  CAE NeuroVR neurosurgical simulator (the first in the country) which will help students practice open cranial and endoscopic brain surgery within an immersive, VR training environment.  

Implemented as part of a multi-million dollar medical education project, and made possible by the dedicated work of the  CAE Healthcare Turnkey Solutions team in the region, the Karnataka, India simulation training center is expected to benefit approximately 2,000 students across various healthcare disciplines.

In addition to the neurological training simulator, BMCRI is equipped with a range of CAE Healthcare training solutions (including CAE LearningSpace for center management,  CAE Apollo, CAE Lucina,  CAE Vimedix and CAE Blue Phantoms,  CAE LapVR, CAE EndoVR, CAE BabySIM, and the CAE HPS adult and pediatric patient simulators). 

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Beneficial Training in Rare Medical Conditions 

Because the simulators can realistically mimic pathologies that few medical students might encounter in actual experience, the lab will be of immense benefit by exposing learners to a variety of medical cases. This will better prepare them for when (and, if) they must manage such conditions in their professional lives.  

"Simulation is the way forward for bridging the gap between  theoretical and practical learning in the safest possible way,” said Dr. Balaji Pai, Professor of Neurosurgery at the college.1

Obtain First-Class Custom Turnkey Solutions from CAE Healthcare

From workforce staffing and needs analysis to providing simulators, equipment, curriculum, onsite training, infrastructure and expert consulting (and more!), our turnkey project team delivers customized solutions that help hospitals, medical schools, nursing programs, military medicine teams, and allied health professionals achieve specific goals in clinical education through healthcare simulation.

Watch this video of the BMCRI Simulation and Skill Centre


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1 The Economic Times. "Bangalore Medical College Gets 22 Crore for Medical Simulation Lab", accessed October 17, 2018 

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