Urgent Obstetrical Situations (UOS)

About this module

The Urgent Obstetrical Situations Module for Lucina contains 10 SCEs which progress in difficulty from basic obstetrical management to urgent/critical obstetrical situations.This Learning Module is intended for a broad spectrum of practitioners, including physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses, paramedics and first responders.

This Learning Module also includes Patient Record files as well as a .cas files for importing into LearningSpace™ as a Case.​

Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs)

Anaphylactoid Syndrome of Pregnancy

Chronic Fetal Hypoxia Associated with Placental Insufficiency

Fetal Heart Rate Signal Loss

Inadvertent Monitoring of Maternal Heart Rate

Major Placental Abruption

Maternal Hypotension following Epidural Block

Maternal Sepsis

Oxytocin Induced Uterine Tachysystole

Repetitive Decelerations Caused by Umbilical Cord Compression

Uncontrolled Gestational Diabetic

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