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Our Advantage Is Your Advantage

Preparing you and your learners for the moments that matter
Our Advantage Is Your Advantage

Simulation is one of the most effective and risk-free ways to prepare healthcare practitioners to treat patients, handle critical situations and reduce errors.

Leveraging our company’s 75 years of experience in simulation-based aviation training, we are able to support a holistic learner journey through four key initiatives, also known as The CAE Advantage:

  • Optimized Physiological Modeling: We know how humans work, whether it’s how their bodies respond to treatment or their brains react to learning. Using data and medical modeling, we deliver best-in-class, physiologically optimized clinical education solutions.
  • Advanced Simulation Technologies: From physical patient simulators to interactive digital scenarios, our products provide authentic, autonomous, objective responses to learner inputs.
  • Digitally Connected Platforms: Our physiological model–and its benefits–extends from the physical world to the digital one, where we offer cloud-based and interconnected platforms for instructor-led training, self-directed learning or a combination of the two.
  • Data-Informed Analysis: Data drives everything we do. We adapt and update our models using artificial intelligence and big data to improve outcomes.
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The CAE Advantage
We Support

A Holistic
Learner Journey

Physiological Expertise

Knowing how the human body works
• Dynamic medical modelling
• Best-in-class clinical education solutions

Advanced Simulation Technologies

Delivering lifelike simulations enriched by VR/AR
• Realistic simulators; interactive medical equipment
• Authentic, consistent and automatic responses

Data-Informed Analysis

Using data to make decisions
• Artificial intelligence and big data
• Proactive, real-time, impactful learning

Digitally Connected Platforms

Blending physical & digital learning experiences
• Cloud-based, connected platforms
• Seamless transitions between on-site and remote learning

With You, Every Step
At every step of the simulation journey, we’ll be by your side, delivering our Advantage and empowering you to focus on the learning that delivers better patient outcomes and creates a safer world.
Unmatched Support
With CAE Healthcare, you’ll tap into our full spectrum of services, from quality manufacturing and logistics management to immersive training solutions and unmatched technical and customer support.
Exclusive Relationships
You’ll also benefit from our exclusive relationships with regulatory bodies, healthcare associations, original equipment manufacturers and others who have invited us to their respective tables to share our thought leadership and drive healthcare innovation.