CAE Healthcare “Preferred Training Partner of Choice” for the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN)

| Roxanne Blanford

CAE Healthcare and the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) have announced a collaboration to provide simulation-based education, training, and innovative products and services to OADN members. 

With over fifty percent of nurses beginning their education at the community college level, associate degree nursing remains a vital component of the nursing workforce and an important pathway into the profession.  OADN is recognized as the only national voice exclusively dedicated to advocacy on behalf of community college nursing education, consistently active at all policy levels that impact nursing education and the nursing workforce as a whole.


OADN is dedicated to enhancing the quality of community-based nursing education and strengthening the profession, and we are delighted to collaborate on new programs as their simulation partner of choice.”

   Amar Patel, CAE Healthcare, Chief Learning Officer 

Collaboration Details

In 2019, CAE Healthcare and OADN entered into an agreement wherein CAE would provide informative webinars, training curriculum and workshop sponsorships in collaboration with OADN.  

One such opportunity to mutually engage presented itself at the  November 2019 OADN National Convention, held in Louisville, Kentucky. CAE Chief Learning Officer, Amar Patel, along with other CAE educators, conducted two educational healthcare training workshops at the convention ("Essentials of Simulation" and "Setting the Stage for Debrief").  

Additionally, OADN members gain benefit from the CAE collaboration with access to exclusive pricing offers on CAE Healthcare products and services, including the CAE Juno nursing education manikin, which is designed for bedside patient care and emergency situations for nurses.

Simulation has gained importance as an essential element of the nursing curriculum. OADN is excited to be partnering with CAE Healthcare to deliver simulation- based educational training to faculty and the highest quality simulation experiences to our students,” added Donna Meyer, OADN Chief Executive Officer.


The adoption of simulation-based training technology is expanding throughout the healthcare industry.


In celebration of the World Health Organization (WHO) designating 2020
as the “International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife” and also to 
acknowledge how nursing education programs are embracing the potential of simulation to make healthcare safer, CAE Healthcare has released a timely eBook, 
OADN & CAE Healthcare: Perfecting Nursing Education Together.”


The eBook presents insights into the full scope of benefits  that simulation offers community college nursing programs, including how simulation-based training in core clinical competencies can empower nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize patient care.

About OADN

OADN provides access to best practices for members through the respected peer-reviewed journal, Teaching and Learning in Nursing, as well as tailored educational offerings, like the annual OADN convention.

The organization also recognizes student excellence through the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society for associate degree nursing students and celebrates the substantial contribution of its members to the profession through the Academy for Associate Degree Nursing.

OADN is dedicated to ensuring associate degree nursing remains a pathway for a diverse student group, enriching the profession of nursing, and meeting the healthcare needs of our communities.

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