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Hospital Preparedness for Managing Coronavirus

The webinar, Hospital Preparedness for Managing Coronavirus, was created to assist medical and hospital personnel around the world with facility preparedness, safety protocols, and patient management.

Developed by the CAE Healthcare Academy with Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stefan Monk, this webinar covers:

- Review of Available COVID-19 Resources 
- Overview on Coronavirus 2019
- Managing Infection Control Practices (ICP)
- Preparedness Checklists
- Simulated Coronavirus Experience


In conjunction with this webinar, the free COVID-19 Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE): Suspected COVID-19 is available in 7 different languages. Available for download, here.

This SCE reinforces team-centric procedures for effective and safe infection control in the face of a critical healthcare event and is focused on six learning performance measures that are central to coronavirus preparedness and patient management.