Suspected COVID-19

CAE Healthcare Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE)

Suspected COVID-19 is a complimentary, downloadable simulation-based scenario

In an effort to assist clinicians with gaining knowledge, confidence and competency in handling suspect and diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in patients, CAE Healthcare is offering a free, downloadable Suspected COVID-19 Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) for the entire healthcare community.

Incorporated with TeamSTEPPS Tools and Strategies to enhance competencies for high-performance teams, the COVID-19 SCE trains learners in proper care management of the suspected coronavirus patient. It reinforces team-centric procedures for effective and safe infection control in the face of a critical healthcare event.

This clinical experience is focused on six learning performance measures that are central to coronavirus preparedness and patient management:

  • Baseline Patient Presentation
  • Triage and Patient Assessment
  • Implementation of Safety Protocols (Donning of PPE, Hygiene Implementation, Cross Contamination Prevention, etc)
  • Progressive Symptom Management and Patient Care
  • After Care Actions (Patient Isolation, Public Health Notification, etc)
  • Proper Doffing of PPE and Waste Disposal Management

The scenario is designed to develop clinical competencies in CDC and WHO approved procedures for suspected coronavirus infection, healthcare facility preparedness, and patient treatment protocols. 

Compatible with CAE Juno, CAE Ares, CAE Apollo, CAE Lucina, CAE Athena, CAE iStan, CAE HPS and similar patient simulators


This scenario is being offered in conjunction with the webinar: Hospital Preparedness for Managing Coronavirus. Watch the Webinar Replay.