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"SIMULATION: Making a Difference. Making Healthcare Safer" presents compelling empirical facts about the history, current status and future implications for healthcare simulation in an easy-to-read and visually-appealing, downloadable format.

About the eBook

In commemoration of the 2019 celebration of Healthcare Simulation Week, CAE Healthcare offers up a new eBook to the global simulation and patient safety community.

The eBook is entitled "SIMULATION: Making a Difference. Making Healthcare Safer" and it is an important resource not just for healthcare simulationists, but for everyone who is concerned about how we can (and, must) improve patient safety and healthcare worldwide.

Within just nine (9) succinct, but value-packed pages, this informative quick read makes the case for implementing a simulation-based medical education (SBME) approach to healthcare training. It provides specific insights,  supported with useful data, to focus attention on the worldwide crisis of patient safety.

After briefly introducing the relevance for the ebook (the initial section opens with the phrase "First, do no harm"), "SIMULATION" reveals its 6 topic sections, each one emphasizing a specific area of simulation-based training. 

Table of Contents:
Simulation and Safer Healthcare

  1. Training in Anesthesia Management with Simulation
  2. Simulation for Team-based Clinical Skills Development
  3. Improving Maternal Outcomes Through Immersive Technology
  4. Saving Lives with Prehospital and Emergency Care Simulation
  5. Simulation Training for Effective, Safer Neonatal Healthcare
  6. A Look Forward

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CAE Healthcare's eBook is available for free and by pre-release sign-up.