Online and Distance Education White Paper

Creating quality clinical experiences for healthcare students can appear more challenging than ever. This white paper explores the situation surrounding and solutions for achieving clinical proficiency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The educational impact of COVID-19 has been experienced globally with many higher education institutions cancelling, postponing or moving education online. However, learning virtually is not the same as in-person learning—there are different demands on focus, attention span and managing the strain of motion.

This is especially true for those participating in nursing and medical education. In-person clinical experience has always been integral in preparing healthcare workers for the field. Yet, with guidelines for physical distancing in place around the globe, governing bodies are making adjustments to guidelines for clinical proficiency, including:

  • Fast-tracking senior students to work in the field
  • Re-examining practices for conducting knowledge checks
  • Increasing the number of acceptable hours for clinical simulation

For many, the idea of quality and effective clinical education delivered remotely seemed impossible prior to COVID-19. Amid new educational realities, CAE Healthcare has responded quickly with updated and new offerings that enable virtual delivery of simulation training. Discover the many ways CAE Healthcare can assist you in customizing an online and distance education solution.

“We are committed to providing just-in-time education and training for facilities to manage highly complex, communicable patients, plus current and coming healthcare workers.”

Amar Patel, DHSc, MS, NRP, CHSE, FSSH
Chief Learning Officer, CAE Healthcare Academy