Simulation in Ultrasound Education White Paper

As the use of ultrasound imaging continues to grow, so does the demand for healthcare professionals skilled in sonography. This CAE Healthcare white paper explores the critical role of high-fidelity simulation in ultrasound education and training.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many college campuses and simulation centers to close for months, reducing the opportunity for healthcare learners to practice critical clinical skills. That pandemic reality, together with a global shortage of clinical sites for sonography training, often due to limited funding and/or instructor availability, contributes to increasing the role of simulation in education for ultrasound imaging.

High-fidelity simulation offers compelling advantages for medical sonography learners and educators alike, enabling:

  • More realistic scanning for cardiac, abdominal and OB-GYN ultrasounds

  • More detailed anatomical views

  • Access to explore several different pathologies

  • Independent practice of probe movements and sonography techniques

  • Flexibility in learning on-site in a simulation laboratory or virtually, through online and distance education

CAE Healthcare recognizes and responds to the current needs of diagnostic ultrasound education with a comprehensive suite of ultrasound simulation solutions—including Vimedix 3.2, the industry’s first ultrasound simulator with 3D/4D scanning and multiplanar reconstruction capabilities across multiple disciplines. Discover the many ways CAE Healthcare can assist you in preparing skilled sonographers.



“As the portability and corresponding use of ultrasound technology increases, it’s vital for medical professionals to receive the most realistic and advanced training possible to ensure patient safety when providing critical clinical care. Vimedix 3.2 does just that, helping medical students and professionals hone cognitive and psychomotor skills, so they can become proficient for true clinical preparedness.”


Heidi Wood,
President of CAE Healthcare and Executive Vice President,
Business Development & Growth Initiatives for CAE