Get Inspired at CAE HPSN World 2019

| Roxanne Blanford

CAE Healthcare's global Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) conferences consistently attract an increasingly diverse group of healthcare industry leaders, learners, educators, and simulation enthusiasts.

CAE HPSN World 2019 in Orlando, FL. (February 26-28, 2019) continues this tradition, and boldly leaps forward with an abundance of inspiration and nuance for the advancement of healthcare training.


For more than 20 years, HPSN gatherings have taken place across the United States, within Canada, throughout Western Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to successfully provide attendees with

  • opportunities to participate in collaborative workshops with peers and colleagues from all over the globe

  • exclusive access to expert-led, hands-on training sessions with advanced human patient simulators

  • 'first-to-know' exposure to the industry's most innovative developments in simulation-based education solutions

  • evidence-based pedagogical content that builds clinical knowledge for the improvement of healthcare outcomes

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There have been more than 150 Human Patient Simulation Network conferences worldwide. HPSN World (CAE's largest and most comprehensive healthcare simulation training and networking event), routinely is held in the United States with multiple, smaller magnet conferences organized around the world

HPSN attendees not only learn directly from renowned researchers, brilliant instructors, and forward-looking healthcare thinkers, but they also stay in resplendent locales while engaging in exciting activities of lasting value.

Each HPSN is dynamic and unique. Carefully constructed with facilitated sessions and inspiring keynotes, these events allow CAE Healthcare to steadfastly move forward on its mission to deliver the best products and services that help prepare interprofessional clinical teams for successful real-world practice.  

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What You Can Expect at an HPSN World Event

At HPSN World, skills in healthcare simulation are strengthened and put to the test via hands-on workshops, training sessions and highly-realistic mass casualty incident scenarios.

CAE Healthcare stages disaster drills, simulated car crashes and mock explosions involving state-of-the-art patient simulators and live actors feigning traumatic injuries. With the aid of local first responders, police, EMS, and fire and safety rescue teams, participants engage in immersive experiences where they must react to the human consequences of an emergency.

Whether prioritizing injured victims on the street or playing the role of a bystander performing CPR, these scenarios are presented realistically, just as they could one day occur --  all within a risk-free, safe environment.

What to Look Forward to at HPSN World 2019

CAE HPSN World 2019 promises to amaze, enthrall, inspire and enlighten attendees in a variety of ways. Here are just three:

The Venue -  HPSN World 2019 is being held at the spectacular Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. (Read about it here, and register today).

The Learning Content - From healthcare simulations enhanced with augmented reality, to the industry's only modular-designed endovascular training simulator and versatile clinical skills manikins (CAE JunoCAE Ares) for training in both prehospital and in-hospital emergency care, #hpsnworld19 showcases tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies today. 

The Networking Opportunities - Gather, learn, mingle and gain wisdom from some of the brightest minds in the healthcare community. HPSN World 2019 gets you up close and personal with researchers, manufacturers, simulation program facilitators, educators and medical experts in nursing, ultrasound, surgery, emergency patient care, allied health and more.

It's our hope that you will share in this journey for three days in February 2019 and embrace your passion for improving healthcare and patient safety through simulation-based healthcare training and education.

Register today!

Here's to seeing you in Orlando, Florida.

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