Chicago’s Malcolm X College’s Healthcare Simulation Facility

| Roxanne Blanford

State-of-the-art healthcare simulation comes to Chicago's Malcolm X College.

Located on Chicago's Near West Side, the Malcolm X Trauma Simulation Lab (housed within the newly opened Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences ) aims to prepare the city's students for productive healthcare careers.

Daniel Okhilua, nursing lab manager at Malcolm X College, has stated that the simulation-based training facility will provide students the opportunity to experience what it would be like to care for a critically ill patient. Patient simulators, (such as those from CAE Healthcare -- some of which Malcolm X College has purchased) allow faculty to simulate vital signs and other physiological aspects of an actual patient.

“There are very few institutions, especially community colleges, that have this type of investment for its students,” David Sanders, interim president of Malcolm X College, said.

Offering Students Opportunity to Succeed in Healthcare Careers
Construction on the 544,000 square foot campus began in September 2013 and was opened up for students and faculty in January 2016.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the new campus will provide young Chicagoans with the opportunity to affordably pursue a top notch health care education.

“Our city creates new jobs in high-growth industries every day, which is why we are committed to ensuring that Chicagoans from every neighborhood can build the skills necessary to seize the jobs of the 21st century,” Emanuel is quoted as saying.

According to recent estimates, 84,000 new health care careers are coming to the region over the next decade. The new health sciences facility has high-tech features which include a virtual hospital, laboratories for nursing, radiography, and respiratory care, and a realistic medical simulation training center to offer students immersive educational experiences.

With these advantages to healthcare training and learning, graduates of the Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences can expect to find themselves ahead of the curve when they enter their professional lives.

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