CAE Patient Simulators Inaugurate the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine

| Roxanne Blanford

Dr. Natasha Bray (pictured, with CAE Healthcare's Apollo patient simulator) is the Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine for the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine, located in Northwest Arkansas. The area known as Fort Smith (and, alternatively, Fort Chaffee Crossing) is rich in history. But Dr. Bray is more focused on the future.

Read About Innovations at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine

By implementing a forward-looking, technologically-enhanced curriculum, the college of osteopathic medicine (scheduled to open in late summer 2017) aims to achieve its stated mission to "educate and train a diverse group of highly competent and compassionate" osteopathic physicians and health care professionals who will improve the lives of those in underserved areas." 

It is a curriculum dedicated to reinforcing ethics and service to the underserved. Instruction will focus on team-based learning, standardized patient/student interaction and high-fidelity patient manikins for simulation-based training.Arkansas College_ Osteopathic Medicine_ CAE Healthcare

Towards this end, the college has secured an initial delivery of five (5) patient simulators from CAE Healthcare.

“These adult male [simulators] can portray any illness that any patient suffers from. We can do anything that we could do to a person. We can run IVs. They can bleed. We can put them on breathing machines.”  
-Dr. Bray

The school will be housed in a state of the art, 102,000 square foot building, located at Fort Chaffee Crossing. The integration of technology will allow for a large amount of space to be dedicated to simulation-based healthcare training. 

The goal is to graduate doctors who plan to stay and practice in the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas. The college seeks to teach students the techniques they will require to continue to learn and grow professionally and personally throughout their lifetime. ( Click here for video footage of CAE Apollo at the college)

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