CAE LearningSpace: A Support Story

| Roxanne Blanford

Over the years, the Interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS) at the University of Massachusetts' Medical School has built a solid reputation as a provider of top-level simulation-based health sciences skills development and education for medical and clinical professionals.

CAE Healthcare has assisted iCELS with maintaining its status for quality education by being a provider of quality solutions for healthcare training. 

On those rare occasions when (and if) there is a problem with a CAE Healthcare resource, the school knows it can confidently turn to CAE for responsive customer support.

Meet Our World-Class CAE LearningSpace Support Team

iCELS Remains a Simulation Hub for Excellence with CAE LearningSpace

According to the iCELS website, the center's stated mission is to be "the simulation hub for excellence in education, training, research and innovation" by serving the university, and the greater Worcester/Central Massachusetts community, with the highest quality of healthcare and practice through state-of-the-art simulation education.

iCELS accomplishes this goal by having at its disposal, among many other training resources, a two-floor, 24,000 square-foot training facility which houses a clinical skills lab with 11 beds/stations, a technical skills lab that includes virtual reality devices, and an assortment of simulators that include high-fidelity patient simulators and various task trainers.

Such a technology-infused simulation center additionally requires a comprehensive center management solution to support the exceptional quality of training for which iCELS is known. 
CAE LearningSpace, a scalable video-driven solution that helps to improve, streamline and achieve skills development objectives, enables iCELS to realize its potential. 

With CAE LearningSpace firmly integrated throughout the center, reliably capturing training scenarios in a secure, web-based format, instructors and students can review training activities and assess results both onsite and remotely, and obtain immediate feedback through guided debriefing sessions.  

How Stellar Customer Support Saves the Day

Melinda Taylor is a Senior Engineer and surgical training instructor at iCELS. She shared a few CAE LearningSpace support stories with CAE  and detailed specific experiences with CAE Healthcare customer service. Ms. Taylor was quite pleased with the results.

  1. A  software 'bug' was discovered during a routine LearningSpace upgrade in 2017. CAE support identified the problem through replication and resolved it in a timely manner.
  2. When iCELS encountered sound issues with LearningSpace microphones, CAE engineers addressed the issue expediently by remotely sending over a directional diagram to iCELS. Onsite staffers were able to optimize microphone placement in the exam rooms and improved audio capture and playback nearly effortlessly.  

Thanks to CAE Healthcare's quick and responsive customer care, iCELS has been able to continue delivering hands-on simulation training experiences within an innovative educational environment focused on translational research, excellence in practice and dedicated patient-centered care.

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