Experience Anesthesia Training with AnesthesiaSimSTAT - Appendectomy

| Roxanne Blanford

Interactive training through screen-based simulation (SBS) has taken a giant leap forward with the release of Anesthesia SimSTAT - Appendectomy. 

Anesthesia SimSTAT is a new virtual learning environment, screen-based training modality for anesthesia management.

As part of a  continuing collaboration between the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and CAE Healthcare, the development of the Anesthesia SimSTAT training modules provide physician anesthesiologists with advanced, online learning in the emergency anesthesia management.

The Anesthesia SimSTAT-Appendectomy training module grants learners the opportunity to navigate within a 3-D, fully functioning virtual operating room. By participating in a series of high-fidelity simulation scenarios (with a realistic patient avatar who responds appropriately to clinical interactions) learners are able to develop essential skills, receive real-time feedback and assess their performance during and after training.  

Ronald Levy, M.D., member of ASA’s Editorial Board for Interactive Computer-Based Education, says

The Anesthesia SimSTAT technology is the future of continuing medical education for anesthesia providers in that it enables the user to improve and test their knowledge in a dynamic virtual online environment.”

  Anesthesia SimSTAT – Appendectomy is available with enhanced educational features, including:

  •  An interactive tutorial on navigating the virtual learning platform
  • Robust performance feedback
  • e-Learning capabilities for pre-course and post-course self-evaluation
  • Onscreen "pause option" for real-time discussions between learners and facilitators 

This is the second of five online anesthesia training courses scheduled for release by the ASA and CAE Healthcare. Through participation in these courses (available in a self-paced, online environment and accessible from any computer or laptop), physician anesthesiologists can fulfill continuing medical education (CME) and MOCA 2.0® Part II and IV requirements -- anytime, anywhere.

Since the initial course's 2017 release (Anesthesia SimSTAT–Trauma) user response has been overwhelmingly positive. A majority of learners (more than 85%) self-report satisfaction with the course's ability to help them improve their performance. 

This new approach to MOCA using simulation will transform the way clinicians practice advanced techniques and updated protocols. With its captured data that objectively measures individual performance and provides instant, tailored feedback for improvement,   Anesthesia SimSTAT represents the future of continuing medical education and certification: an engaging environment that will contribute to improve quality of care.

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