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Simplify and enhance your anesthesia machine simulation training capabilities, with or without a patient simulator

CAE Healthcare’s SimEquip Anesthesia incorporates advanced simulation scenarios into simulated medical equipment for hands-on anesthesia equipment training.

CAE SimEquip Anesthesia expertly mimics the management of a wide range of patient conditions and standard settings found on most anesthesia machines in today’s market. These capabilities allow instructors to expand the variety and complexity of Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) suited for in-hospital environments.

CAE SimEquip Anesthesia offers risk-free practice before seeing patients
  • Operate and configure an anesthesia machine
  • Monitor a patient under anesthesia and interpret data
  • Manage ventilation of a patient under anesthesia
  • Troubleshoot ventilator issues

Built as part of our CAE Maestro software ecosystem, you can use CAE SimEquip in two configurations:

Pair CAE SimEquip with any of these CAE Healthcare patient simulators

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