CAE Healthcare Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Services

| Roxanne Blanford

As healthcare continues to evolve to meet both the changing needs of patients and technological advances in the delivery of care, it falls on healthcare providers to maintain (and, improve) clinical competency so that they can deliver high-quality care.

To help ensure that healthcare providers receive effective education with minimal waste of resources and time, a methodical and systematic approach is necessary to properly assess and fulfill their training requirements. In answer to this need, CAE Healthcare has developed a high-level and customizable Training Needs Analysis (TNA) service for simulation-based training programs.

CAE Healthcare’s Introductory TNA involves the CAE Healthcare Academy and additional subject matter experts, clinical educators, architects and business analysts who work closely with customers to identify specific needs and requirements. This analysis encompasses a review of curriculum, courseware, training aids, facilities, management, and operations to ensure the optimal blend of solutions. This consultative service is adaptable to most any simulation training program and is uniquely designed to save time and money by

  • assessing, determining and fulfilling your organization's precise needs

  • safeguarding against long-term risk

  • attaining full resource utilization 

  • achieving program sustainability


CAE Healthcare is a proven world leader in comprehensive solutions for simulation-based medical education.

This level of expertise has imbued CAE with an unmatched (and deep) understanding of the myriad of critical decisions related to planning, developing and implementing successful training programs. Through the analysis of the data collected from the training needs analysis, CAE can successfully design training material to meets the training needs of healthcare learners around the world to enhance outcomes and make healthcare safer.

From product training to simulation design, facilitation and programming, to center management and consultation, let the Academy be your trusted healthcare simulation partner to improve patient safety.


CAE Healthcare Education Services

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