CAE Healthcare Supports the ASA in Anesthesiology Training Simulation

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CAE Healthcare and the American Society of Anesthesiologists, together, shape the future of simulation-based anesthesiology training in a virtual reality/gaming-style online learning environment.


The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and CAE Healthcare have agreed to co-support the design and development of an interactive/gaming-style training product which will help learners enhance their medical skills. The screen-based simulation training product is intended to assist with improving performance in the management of anesthesia emergencies.

Historical data supports the need for improved training for management of anesthetic emergencies. The ASA has identified that more active learning modalities, like interactive screen-based simulation, are conducive to continuing medical education.

In order to advance its mission, ASA selected CAE Healthcare and SimTabs to deliver the benefits of accessible and engaging simulation-based anesthesia education in a virtual online environment.

Screen-Based Anesthesiology Simulation Product Highlights

The ASA screen-based simulation product will allow flexible, asynchronous training in a self-paced, just-in-time environment.  This means users may engage with simulated, online interfaces in a totally immersive, 3D setting and progress at their own pace.

Imagine the benefits to training when a student, or new learner, can "enter" an operating room in virtual reality, treat a virtual patient with varied symptoms and conditions, and have that patient respond as if it were all real. There is no risk of harm to a living person. The learner can stop and start the self-paced instruction at will, and develop progressive skills mastery according to their own ability.  

The possibilities for improved learning and competency acquisition are endless.

Other features include:

  • learning can take place in the comfort of the user's own home, via their own computer
  • as learners enhance their clinical and decision-making skills, they can also see how they score in comparison to their peers
  • the product will include five (5) medical scenarios with realistic medical instruments and equipment for medical diagnostics and monitoring 

ASA's education should be interesting, engaging, and even fun

, said Beverly Philip, M.D., ASA vice president for scientific affairs.

This exciting, innovative screen-based simulation program will allow users to explore high-stakes practice scenarios in a realistic, immersive environment, at their choice of location and time.

The product will be available for purchase through the American Society of Anesthesiologists, with a projected launch date of January 2017.

Read the official press announcement here

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