Prepare learners to deliver pediatric patient care with confidence

CAE Aria is a pediatric patient simulator that represents a seven-year-old child and offers a wide range of pediatric training scenarios. CAE Aria’s advanced airway, neurological features and active bleeding system allow for training in emergency pediatric care. From assessment to performing essential clinical skills, clinicians can develop critical decision-making procedures and learn in a risk-free environment.

CAE Aria delivers distinctive features to prepare learners to care for pediatric patients

Key Features

  • Sternal rub
  • Bleeding modules
  • Additional IV/IM/IO sites
  • Substernal retractions
  • Gastrostomy tube
  • Suppository administration

Patient Communication

A Realistic Perspective on Pediatric Patient-Care

With 10 essential pediatric Simulated Clinical Experiences, healthcare professionals can gain the proficiency needed to respond with confidence. To illustrate signs of varying emotional states and conditions, CAE Aria presents more than 60 vocal expressions and sounds (i.e., confusion, anxiety, stress, pain) to help healthcare professionals assess verbal and non-verbal cues.

CAE Aria includes everything you need to get started, and is available in two configurations:

Live* Advanced*
SymEyes SymEyes
Gender conversion kit Gender conversion kit
Tablet Cyanosis
Spontaneous chest excursion Variable bronchial resistance
10 SCEs 10 SCEs
and more! SymDefib
and more!
CAE Aria is tetherless and wireless.
*For a full list of features, please contact your CAE Representative.