CAE SimPort

The entry point to CAE’s digital ecosystem

Meet CAE SimPort

SimPort is CAE Healthcare’s gateway to managing and delivering your CAE simulation resources. It is the entry point to the CAE digital ecosystem bringing together management of your physical simulation assets, your content into a single library, access to your virtual simulation solutions, and access to our customer service teams to manage any questions you may have. It provides you with a one stop solution to manage and access your simulation assets and resources.


Deliver realistic simulation anywhere

Launch your digital applications in one location

Fleet Management

Manage your physical simulation resources such as your CAE manikins.Connect your simulators to the Cloud and from SimPort you can manage all your software updates.

Centralised Content Library

All of you content held in one place. Create a edit new content with a SimCreate subscription. Push content to your simulator fleet seamlessly. (Requires Phoenix simulator or export manually to .msce file format. Manual mode)

Manage users and licenses

Manage all of your users and allocation of licenses for your digital applications

Access to CAE Customer Service

Raise tickets for any issues and manage your discussions with your Customer Service Representative.

Express, Value or Premier Warranty Coverage Stress free maintenance for your product

At CAE Healthcare, we strive to deliver the highest quality customer support in the industry. Our global network of service technicians and clinical advisors are committed to helping you maintain smooth, stress free operations with little or no downtime.

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