Simulated Medical Equipment

CAE SimEquip

Standard and portable medical equipment that expands clinical training

Meet CAE SimEquip

Save money while elevating critical patient care with CAE SimEquip. These simulated medical devices mirror real medical equipment and provide learners with hands-on experience to prepare for situations, such as resuscitation, ventilation and anesthesia.

CAE SimEquip helps expand the complexity of simulated clinical experiences in prehospital and in-hospital settings.

With this simulated medical equipment, learners can:

  • Configure and operate medical machines
  • Monitor a patient
  • Interpret data and troubleshoot issues
  • Deliver effective healthcare to a patient on medical equipment
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Tools to improve patient outcomes

Providing safe, quality care is a top priority. That’s why CAE SimEquip portfolio offers options for various scenarios.

CAE SimEquip Anesthesia

Learn how to operate an anesthesia machine and manage ventilation of a patient under anesthesia.

CAE SimEquip Ventilator

Manage ventilation of a patient with normal and abnormal lung mechanics and other respiratory conditions. Also available as a transport ventilator for portable use and hand-off scenarios.

CAE SimEquip Defibrillator

Deliver electrical therapy, monitor patients and interpret data. Also available as a transport defibrillator for portable use and scenarios.
Product Enhancements

Expand the possibilities

Available in two configurations, CAE SimEquip can be used with or without a patient simulator.

check mark Pair CAE SimEquip with CAE Maestro Standalone to teach learners without using a patient simulator.
check mark Use CAE SimEquip as add-on equipment with patient simulators, such as CAE Apollo, CAE Ares and CAE Juno.

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