Patient Simulator Essentials

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We are currently offering all Training for Life courses on virtual platforms. Our CAE Healthcare Academy Support Team will contact participants and send a detailed agenda and course guide prior to the first session.

The CAE Healthcare two-day Patient Simulator Essentials Course covers the foundational knowledge and skills that participants need to effectively use their patient simulator in simulation-based education exercises. This course incorporates international standards and best practices of simulation education.

In day one of the training, participants learn how to prepare and use the simulator in a simulation, as well as how to carry out basic simulator maintenance. The course focuses on using a Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) programmed by CAE Healthcare, but also explains how to run the simulator manually (on-the-fly). In day two, participants learn how to plan and design a simulation, how to use facilitation techniques to support learning before, during, and after the simulation, and strategies for including patient simulation in their institution’s curriculum.

After completing the Patient Simulator Essentials Course, the participant will be able to:

  • Power the simulator on and off by following the recommended sequence of steps
  • Launch the Müse or Maestro software application on the Instructor Workstation
  • Prepare the simulator for a simulation based on information in the SCE from CAE Healthcare
  • Modify simulator physiology to meet needs of the simulation activity
  • Run a simulation activity using a preconfigured Simulated Clinical Experience (SCE) programmed by CAE Healthcare
  • Launch the TouchPro software to monitor simulator physiology
  • Simulate realistic wounds using wound moulage techniques
  • Facilitate simulation and debriefing sessions
  • Employ strategies for integrating simulation into a training curriculum
  • Perform basic maintenance to keep simulator in good working condition

*All courses are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment has not been reached 30 days prior to the course date. All courses will be held in English unless otherwise specified.

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