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CAE Healthcare specializes in healthcare training through simulation. Discover the possibilities for your offering—including immersive and experiential digital training solutions.

Complete Training Solutions for Industry Partners

Making a positive impact in people’s lives and wellbeing can stem from a medical device or therapy, medication, or entity dedicated to advancing healthcare practices. Expanding the reach of these products and services starts with in-person or virtual training—for new equipment validation, device trials, procedure-specific skills development, patient and healthcare provider education, educational content debriefing and more. CAE Healthcare can collaborate with you to create state-of-the-art simulation training experiences that keep your audiences informed and engaged. 

Training Technology

Training that makes healthcare safer through successful adoption and compliance must go beyond textbooks and tests. This is why CAE Healthcare is at the leading edge of digital immersion with a diverse portfolio of high-fidelity patient simulators, status as a preferred Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, a superior physiology engine that provides serious gaming and convenient mobile applications.

Task Trainers and Simulators

Task Trainers and Simulators

Simulators and task trainers are proven to help develop proficiency in risk-free environments and improve outcomes—with minimal complications. CAE Healthcare offers best in class, versatile task trainers and simulators that can be tailored for your needs, including physician remote training and distance learning for healthcare.

AR/MR/VR Wearables

AR/MR/VR Wearables

The complexity of human anatomy, physiology and pathologies are 3D, dynamic and difficult to explain using traditional educational methodologies. Revolutionary wearable technologies are transforming digital healthcare training. CAE Healthcare offers an expanding portfolio of solutions that are enhanced with augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities.

Game-Based Training

Game-Based Training

SimScape is CAE Healthcare’s proprietary physiology engine that provides intuitive, immersive and on-demand healthcare training and healthcare serious gaming. This customizable screen-based solution features modeled physiology, which enables replication of actual patient assessment, intervention and treatment in a risk-free, simulated environment.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Your teams are working at full capacity and expect on demand access to information—including educational content—anywhere and anytime. Mobile apps for healthcare enable your customers to learn, test, train and purchase products or services at their convenience. CAE Healthcare has expertise developing, deploying and hosting mobile apps that feature interactive educational content. In addition, we gather and provide you with data on app usage.

Simulation Training Support

Implementing a simulation event or program might seem like a daunting effort—but it does not have to be. CAE Healthcare has provided expert guidance for many healthcare organizations.

Training Event Support

Simulation events can be effortless when you collaborate with CAE Healthcare’s experienced simulation educators to deliver professional education and development with immersive simulation experiences.

Staffing Services

Ensure peak operational efficiency by augmenting your team with full clinical specialist support when needed. For example, a team of simulation experts can work with your existing staff to support live cases during the expensive launch phase of a new product.

Simulation Technical Support

Once you make a commitment to simulation technology, CAE Healthcare can help you care for your investment with support solutions designed to ensure your technology is always ready when you—and your customers—need it.

Logistics Management

Get help managing your simulation fleet. A support team will inspect, test and/or ship requested units to any global location you need.

Warranty Program

Eliminate costly expenses from repairs due to normal wear and tear. A support team will maintain equipment to maximize the life of your fleet.

Technical Event Support

Know you are covered from event set-up to take-down. A support team will be onsite for immediate technical troubleshooting.

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CAE Healthcare understands that an effective and efficient learning environment can serve as the foundation for safer healthcare and improved patient outcomes. Rely on expertise from CAE Healthcare, home to a global training and consultation services team that provides customizable and comprehensive training solutions.

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