Virtual Product Demos

CAE Healthcare Digital Showcase

Duration: 1 hour
Gary Taylor, Global Manager of Sales Digital Solutions
Erika Scheuer, Speciality Sales Manager



Join us for an insightful exploration of our digital ecosystem, where practicality meets innovation. Discover how our solutions optimize simulation management, content creation, and educational integration. Stay informed on the latest advancements while we address your questions, ensuring you're equipped for success in healthcare simulation.

Learning Objectives
  • Delve into SimPort's functionalities for resource management and customer service accessibility.
  • Explore how SimCreate streamlines scenario importation, management, and collaboration for improved efficiency and educational cohesion.
  • Understand the practical applications of virtual patient solutions in enhancing physical simulation-based learning.
  • Master effective simulation and Center management with LearningSpace.

Presented by
Gary Taylor
Global Manager of Sales Digital Solutions
Erika Scheuer
Speciality Sales Manager
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