Mises à jour du logiciel


Maestro Update

Update to the latest version of Maestro – the physiology software powering your CAE patient simulator – today!

Maestro 2.12 includes:

  • A Patient Simulator networking wizard
  • Network discovery service
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Notification system with software update notifications
  • Enhanced Modeled Mode widgets controls
  • Lockdown feature for patient monitor

Follow the steps below to update your Ares simulator and Maestro Standalone software

Step 1: Simulator Firmware Update

This Firmware update has been developed and released to support various improvements and bug fixes as described in the update instructions.  Step 1 must be completed before the Step 2 Maestro Update.

Step 2: Maestro

This Maestro update is for use with your patient simulator and should only be installed on the instructor device being used to control the manikin.

Please read the instructions carefully prior to installing Maestro.

Discovery Service Installer

Download the Discovery Service Installer if you plan to operate your simulators on an organizational network. The Discovery Service should be installed on a dedicated Windows computer with a fixed network address. See section, "Optional Setup: Connect to Organizational Network" in the Maestro User Guide for further information.

CAE Maestro Discovery Service

Maestro Standalone Installer/Updates

Maestro Standalone version 2.12 used authoring and running Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) without a manikin and can be installed on a Windows personal computer that meets the minimum system requirements.

Please read the instructions carefully prior to installing Maestro Standalone.