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CAE Healthcare Learning Sessions

Join CAE in virtual learning labs and a sim showcase at IMSH 2021

We’ll share insights for incorporating hybrid learning and extended reality (XR) into your simulation programs as well as what's new with CAE Vimedix 3.1

3/10 at 2 PM EST - Session 2
XR – How can I use this in my program?

The integration and utilization of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality has become the next “big thing” in education. With limited research available and a drive to move towards a digital ecosystem, we often question if it is really that effective. In this session, we will discuss XR, highlight several use cases, and teach you all about what is possible in education by leveraging “XR.”


By the end of this session, the student will be able to:

  • Define XR.
  • Discuss use cases for XR in an education environment.
  • Discuss how to integrate XR in both new and previously developed programs.
Amar P. Patel, DHSc, MS, NRP, CHSE, FSSH
Chief Learning
Officer CAE Healthcare
8AM – 10AM EST
Open Table Hours
Start Week 7 of IMSH 2021 with a visit to our virtual table and discover how CAE Maestro Evolve helps to deliver powerful simulation training within remote learning environments. The ideal solution for distance learning in healthcare, CAE Maestro Evolve includes pre-programmed scenarios, virtual equipment, virtual patient rooms and the physiologically-advanced CAE Embody virtual patient. Get a 30-Day free trial!
12PM – 2PM EST
Guided Discussions
Learn about our product spotlight of the day, CAE Vimedix 3.1, during a guided discussion and a feature presentation conducted by CAE Healthcare’s Chief Medical Officer, Stefan Monk. See how we’ve made the most easy-to-use ultrasound simulator even better with video conferencing, screen-sharing, tailored curriculum and the enhanced interactive environment of our Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality interface. CAE Vimedix 3.1 is the best way to accelerate ultrasound learning in our virtual world.
Improve Training in Pediatric Healthcare with CAE Aria
Finish your day with CAE and explore our new pediatric patient simulator, CAE Aria. Featuring advanced airway functions, active bleeding, realistic neurological systems, and more than 60 vocal expressions and sounds, Aria helps learners develop skills in critical decision-making and patient/healthcare provider communication. Chat with us to discover the many additional ways that CAE Aria builds confidence in pediatric care.
8AM – 10AM EST
CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite for Virtual Training
Kick off Week 8 of IMSH 2021 with CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite. This Software as a Service (SaaS) distance learning solution integrates with web conferencing and offers opportunities for expanded training with Standardized Patients, virtual OSCE encounters, lectures, presentations and so much more. Sign up for a 60-day free trial and discover seamless workflow scheduling and reporting at your fingertips in just about any remote training environment.
12PM – 2PM EST
Guided Discussion – Deliver Cost-Effective Training with CAE SimEquip
Come check out our new CAE SimEquip portfolio featuring CAE SimEquip Anesthesia, CAE SimEquip Ventilator, CAE SimEquip Defibrillator, and CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator. Each product realistically mimics the kind of medical equipment learners will encounter in prehospital and in-hospital environments. Sim Equip provides learners with hands-on training in how to configure and operate equipment, monitor a patient, interpret data, and troubleshoot issues – with or without a patient simulator.
Accelerate the Ultrasound Learning Process with CAE Vimedix 3.1
Complete your day by exploring the enhancements we’ve made to CAE Vimedix and discover how to facilitate ultrasound learning in distance training environments. Now with videoconferencing, screen sharing, virtual curriculum and our Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality interface, CAE Vimedix 3.1 offers everything you need to help your learners development competency in ultrasound probe handling, image interpretation, diagnoses and clinical decision-making.
8AM – 10AM EST
Discover Hybrid Learning with CAE SimEquip Medical Simulators
Begin Week 9 of IMSH 2021 by learning about CAE SimEquip. This portfolio of realistic medical simulators allows for hands-on training in configuring and operating medical equipment in both prehospital and in-hospital environment. Products include CAE SimEquip Anesthesia, CAE SimEquip Ventilator, CAE SimEquip Defibrillator, and CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator.
12PM – 2PM EST
Guided Discussion - CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite for Hardware-Free Virtual Training
Come earn about our product spotlight of the day, CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite. LearningSpace Enterprise Lite is our hassle-free virtual training platform for easier remote education in healthcare from just about any location. Sign up for a 60-day free trial and discover seamless workflow scheduling and reporting at your fingertips.
CAE Maestro Evolve: Intuitive Virtual Solution for Distance Learning
Finish your day by exploring CAE Maestro Evolve. This virtual solution for distance learning in healthcare features pre-programmed scenarios, virtual equipment that displays real-time medical signs and signals for facilitator-led remote simulations and CAE Embody, our virtual patient with the most advanced physiology available today, integrated within a friendly interface. Get a 30-Day free trial!
Virtual Table
Be among the first to explore additions to our family of advanced simulators, and new digital, hybrid and adaptive learning systems. Chat with a CAE representative at our virtual table and get the answers you need to enhance and invigorate clinical education.

Look for the CAE Logo in the IMSH 2021 Industry Hall