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This content-authoring platform simplifies simulation scenario design, development and collaboration

Meet iRIS

iRIS is a web-based solution that connects educators so they can easily collaborate, design and develop high-quality simulation scenarios. Seamlessly incorporate best practice frameworks across the full spectrum of simulation, including patient simulators, standardized patients and skills trainers.

iRIS also includes the Fair Share program, a community with close to 2,000 authors.Share your own scenarios, then access those shared by others. All scenarios are customizable and available to be used on many simulator brands.

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“Everything you need to create a scenario is just one click away. Easy reference to best practice frameworks helps develop high-quality scenarios for inter-professional trainings. And it’s very convenient to tag and store scenarios and reuse as needed. It really makes scenario development effortless and faster.”

Kim Leighton
Executive Director, ITQAN Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center, Hamad Medical Corporation
Past President, INACSL


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