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Patient Simulation

Patient Simulation

From infant to adult, our high-fidelity patient simulators use sophisticated mathematical models to objectively reflect human physiology and the influences acting on it, such as medicines, equipment and pathologies.

These physiological models adapt to interventions based on the patient’s age, weight and underlying conditions, responding objectively and consistently to diagnosis and treatment. As a result, they set the standard for realism and accuracy.

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Our Adult Simulators

CAE Ares

Save both time and money with CAE Ares, our cost-effective emergency-care manikin. This mid-fidelity patient simulator comes packed with practical features, including muscle injection sites, a realistic breathing system, a difficult airway and two-way communication between the manikin (operator) and learner, that make it ideal for teaching, learning and practicing critical emergency-care skills.

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CAE Apollo

Discover a full spectrum of healthcare scenarios with CAE Apollo. Available in two configurations (prehospital and nursing), this high-fidelity adult patient simulator accelerates learning, decreases time to proficiency and increases debriefing efficacy through automated and relevant patient responses.

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CAE Juno

CAE Juno is a mid-fidelity simulator designed to offer comprehensive training for clinical nursing skills, including tracheostomy, ostomy and oral care.

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CAE Lucina

CAE Lucina delivers an all-in-one simulation experience. Designed to demonstrate both gravid and non-gravid scenarios, this wireless manikin comes with a fetus to teach proper prepartum, labor, delivery and postpartum care as well as a non-gravid abdomen for clinical situations unrelated to maternity.

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Our Pediatric Simulators

CAE Aria

CAE Aria, our high-fidelity pediatric manikin, addresses the special challenges of pediatric patient care. Refresh learners’ reflexes and enhance their response times with a manikin designed to develop critical decision-making skills and support life-saving pediatric certifications. Using CAE Aria can reduce medical errors, improve performance and enhance care delivery.

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Our Neonate Simulators

CAE Luna

Explore a range of neonatal healthcare training needs with CAE Luna. Simulating a baby from birth to 28 days after delivery, CAE Luna helps learners practice caring for newborns when they are at their most vulnerable and the most prone to extreme health crises.

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