Tactical Medical Care (TMC)

About this module

With every year that passes, weapons and tactics used in tactical situations are becoming increasingly more advanced. For that reason, our military and tactical medics must be ready with the most advanced medical training available. CAE Healthcare’s Tactical Medical Care Learning Module (TMC) provides the tools needed to improve proficiency and sustain the required skills of combat and civilian tactical medics. The SCEs listed in TMC are consistent with Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3).

The TMC Learning Module includes 30 SCEs that give the educator the ability to conduct and meet specific training objectives. This methodology is consistent with a “train as you fight” approach that is derived from lessons learned in current theater of operations around the world. 

Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs)

Allergic Reaction

Amputation, TBI and Abdominal Injury

Arm Laceration

Barotrauma/Decompression Sickness

Blast Injury

Burns and Spinal Shock

Cardiac Arrest

Cervical Injury

Closed Head Injury and Blunt Trauma to Chest

Closed Head Injury, Chest and Abdominal Trauma

Dehydrated Sniper 

Diabetic with Altered Mental Status

Exposure to Chemical Nerve Agent

Fatality from Fall

Flail Chest and Spinal Cord Injury

Gun Shot Wound

Head Injury and Femur Fracture

Hip, Pelvis, and Sternal Trauma

Leg Amputations and Burns

Multiple Gun Shot Wounds

Multiple Trauma from Hand-to-Hand Combat

Near Drowning in Cold Water

Pelvic Trauma and Pneumothorax

Pelvis and Leg Injuries


Respiratory Distress


Tension Pneumothorax

Trauma with Hypoglycemia

Unconscious after Explosion

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