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iRIS is a web-based scenario development solution that helps in easy collaboration, design and development of high quality training scenarios. With iRIS, educators can seamlessly incorporate best practice frameworks (INACSL, ASPE, PEARLS Healthcare Debriefing Tool, etc.) across the full spectrum of simulation programs - Standardized Patients, task trainers, full-body manikins and patient simulators. iRIS is an agnostic platform that works with all manikins and saves you time.

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Enhance your training quality and efficiency

With streamlined scenario development

What if you could save precious time and still produce high-quality scenarios?

“Everything you need to create a scenario is just one click away. Easy reference to best practice frameworks helps develop high quality scenarios for inter-professional trainings. And it’s very convenient to tag and store scenarios and reuse as needed. It really makes scenario development effortless and faster.”

Kim Leighton
Executive Director, ITQAN Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center, Hamad Medical Corporation
Past President, INACSL


What if you could improve the quality of your simulation program while reducing the time spent on collating and redeveloping resources?

"The time we have gained back from no longer having to search emails for up to date versions of scenarios and their resources or spend so much time face to face supporting clinicians has enabled the simulation team to expand our scope."

John Meyer
Lecturer in Emergency Medical Sciences
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa


What if you can share your scenarios with the larger healthcare simulation community for them to reuse it, without losing your authorship?

Join the FairShare program and become a part of the 1800+ strong community of health simulation authors. You can share your own scenarios and reuse and customize scenarios shared by other authors. All scenarios will retain their original authorship, even if they are reused and customized by other authors.  

What if you could create consistent high-quality learning content and collaborate on the same scenario with subject matter experts (SMEs), regardless of physical location?

"Thanks to iRIS we have been able to achieve equity of access to high-quality educational material whilst creating a system that allows educational governance, collaborative development of high-quality educational material and sharing of resources. iRIS addresses the re-inventing the wheel phenomenon that often exists in the Simulation and Education community."

David Grant
Simulation and Interprofessional Education Lead
University of Bristol
Past President, SESAM

Case Studies

Learn how iRIS helped the ASPiH society and the Cape Town University of Technology in effective and collaborative scenario development

With the help of iRIS, the ASPiH Paediatric Special Interest Group have developed a Paediatric 6-Year-Old Sepsis Management Scenario which is freely available to all. It has been developed so that it can be used in a variety of simulation environments.

"Our vision for the Paediatric SIG this year was to create simulation content which could be used across different settings, with varying resources, and would have potential to enhance the care of a large number of paediatric patients. We needed to find a way to ensure that the views and practice of a wide range of healthcare professionals across the UK and Ireland were reflected, in order to maximise transferability and uptake. iRIS helped us to achieve this."

Lydia Lofton
ASPiH Paediatric SIG Past Chair

Click here to download the Case Study and the ASPiH SIG SEPSIS Director Script and Setup and Run Script

Case Study: How iRIS has transformed simulation at Cape Peninsular University of Technology, South Africa

Cape Peninsular University of Technology began using iRIS in September 2017 and it has had a dramatic effect. This case study explains how this internationally acclaimed institution has used iRIS to “turn clinicians into educators” and deliver real time-saving efficiencies whilst improving the quality of their scenarios. In a 12 month period, iRIS has completely transformed how they deliver simulation.

Download the Case Study