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CAE Medicor IV Arm Skinning

Aria 30 second promo

Aria 90 second promo

CAE Juno - pour les soins infirmiers - présentation en francais 2022

CAE Lucina - Simulateur d’accouchement - en francais

CAE Vimedix ObGyn en Francais

CAE Vimedix Cardiac and Abdo_French

CAE Vimedix Ultraschallsimulator Ob/Gyn deutsch

CAE Vimedix Ultraschallsimulator cardiac/abdo deutsch

CAE Apollo / SimEquip présentation en français 2022

CAE Luna présentation en français 2022

CAE Ares présentation en français 2022

CAE SimEquip - simulierte medizinische Geräte - deutsch

CAE Lucina - Geburtssimulator - deutsch

CAE Luna - Neonatalsimulator deutsch

CAE Juno Präsentation deutsch

CAE Ares ALS-Simulator - deutsch

CAE Apollo: Medizinischer Simulator für die Pflege oder präklinische Versorgung

LearningSpace “Mary” en francais

CAE LearningSpace Essentials en francais

CAE LearningSpace Experience en francais

CAE Vimedix 3.2 Overview Video

CAE Anesthesia Machine Stand-Alone Overview and Set Up V4

CAE SimEquip Anesthesia Machine Base Overview and Set Up V4

CAE SimEquip Ventilator Stand-Alone Overview and Set Up V3

CAE SimEquip Ventilator Base Overview and Set Up V3

CAE SimEquip AED/Defibrillator Stand-Alone Overview and Set Up V2

CAE SimEquip AED/Defibrillator Base Overview and Set Up V2

CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator Stand-Alone Overview and Set up V1

CAE SimEquip Transport Ventilator Base Overview and Set up V1

CAE Blue Phantom Spinal Model Haptics

CAE Blue Phantom Thoracentesis Ultrasound Training Model

CAE Blue Phantom Renal Biopsy Model

CAE Blue Phantom Musculoskeletal (MSK) Knee Model

CAE Blue Phantom Lumbar Puncture and Spinal Epidural Model

CAE Blue Phantom FAST Ultrasound Training Model

CAE Blue Phantom Central Line Ultrasound Training Model

Start Your CAE Vimedix 3.0 Simulator

Set Up Your CAE Vimedix 3.0 ultrasound simulator

CAE Vimedix OB-GYN ultrasound simulator

CAE Vimedix Cardiac and Abdo ultrasound simulator

CAE Healthcare Patient Safety & Simulation

CAE COVID-19 Ultrasound Training Suite

CAE Healthcare - Making Healthcare Safer

CAE HoloLens 2 at University of Tampa

CAE Distance Learning Suite for Nursing

CAE Mixed Reality Applications

CAE Caesar Trauma Patient Simulator

Preparing Apollo/METIman or iStan for Hands-Free Defibrillation, Cardioversion, and Pacing

CAE Healthcare corporate video

CAE OnBoard flight simulator experience

CAE Healthcare military scenario for Operation Blended Warrior

CAE Healthcare COVID-19 news story

Vimedix 3.0 commercial

CAE Maestro software animation

CAE Lucina Clinical Features

CAE LearningSpace animation

CAE Juno customer story – Dawson College

CAE Healthcare debuts HoloLens 2

Amar Patel and Eric Kamont AR talk at IMSH

CAE Athena Clinical Features

CAE Apollo Clinical Features

CAE Luna’s Umbilical System

CAE Luna: Tracheostomy Care

CAE Luna: SymDefib

CAE Luna: StethoSym

CAE Luna: Power On and Power Off Procedure

CAE Luna: Peripheral IV and Radial Artery System

CAE Luna: Neonatal Laryngospasm Simulation

CAE Luna: Needle Decompression

CAE Luna: Intramuscular (IM) and Subcutaneous (SQ) Injection

CAE Luna: How to Use the Urinary System

CAE Luna: Fontanel

CAE Lucina Setup for Non-gravid Patient

CAE Lucina Setup for All-fours Birthing Position

CAE Lucina Postpartum Hemorrhage Setup

CAE Lucina Normal Delivery Setup

CAE Lucina Internal Blood Tank for Postpartum Hemorrhage

CAE Lucina External Blood Tank for Postpartum Hemorrhage

CAE Juno: Head-to-toe overview

CAE Juno: Urological system

CAE Juno: Unpacking and assembly

CAE Juno: Tracheostomy care

CAE Juno: Preparing the IV system

CAE Juno: Ostomy

CAE Juno: Obtain carotid pulses

CAE Juno: Nasogastric tube

CAE Juno: Intramuscular (IM) injection

CAE Juno: Install Live box upgrade

CAE Juno: Enema

CAE Juno: Change genitalia and chest skin

CAE Juno: Attach blood pressure arm

Using iStan’s Genitourinary System

Using iStan’s Chest Tube Feature

Preparing iStan’s On-Board Clear Fluid System

Performing Needle Decompression on iStan

Draining iStan’s On-board Clear Fluid System

Changing iStan’s Genitalia

CAE Juno and CAE Ares IV system basics

CAE Ares simulation manikin StethoSym basics

CAE Ares manikin head service

CAE Ares male to female conversion

CAE Ares laryngospasm simulation

CAE Ares cardiac monitoring with SymDefib

CAE Ares assembly basics

Blood pressure monitoring basics for CAE simulators

Getting Started with Apollo/METIman and a Tablet Instructor Workstation

Getting Started with Apollo/METIman and a Macintosh Instructor Workstation

Preparing Apollo, METIman or iStan for Standard Defibrillation, Cardioversion, and Pacing

Cleaning the Trauma Fill Tank

Using Apollo/METIman’s On-Board Bleeding System

Using Apollo/METIman’s IV System

Using Apollo/METIman’s Head Secretions Feature

Using Apollo/METIman’s Genitourinary System

Using Apollo/METIman’s Gastric Reservoir

Using Apollo/METIman’s Chest Tube Feature

Using Apollo/METIman Nursing’s Airway Secretions Feature

Using a CO2 Canister with Apollo/METIman Prehospital

Replacing Apollo / METIman’s Battery

Preparing Apollo/METIman’s On-Board Bleeding System

Performing Needle Decompression on Apollo/METIman Prehospital

Obtaining Non-invasive Blood Pressure Measurements with Apollo/METIman

Draining and Flushing Apollo/METIman’s On-Board Bleeding System

Connecting the SpO2 Probe to Apollo/METIman

Changing Apollo/METIman’s Genitalia

Attaching Apollo/METIman’s Lower Legs

HL2 AresAR

HL2 - VimedixAR

HL2 - LucinaAR

iRIS Testimonial

CAE Luna Head to Toe

CAE Maestro

Anesthesia SimSTAT

CAE Ares Emergency Care Manikin

CAE LearningSpace Essentials

CAE LearningSpace Experience


Surgical Cut Suit Educational Video

Strategic Operations Cut Suit Vena Cava Surgery

HPS Human Patient Simulator

CAE Healthcare and the University of Montreal Learning Center Simulation Lab

Presenting: CAE Caesar, the Trauma Simulator for First Responders

Hyper-Realistic Mass Casualty Simulation

How and Why the CAE NeuroVR Surgical Simulator Was Developed

CAE Blue Phantom Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Trainer for Knee Aspirations

NeuroVR Surgical Simulator

Turnkey Solution | TürkmenSim International Simulation Center

CAE & CAE Healthcare Company Overview

Meet the CAE Healthcare Audiovisual Solutions Team

AVS Discover our Devices

CAE LearningSpace Intuity