Apollo Career Center purchases the first CAE Juno manikin

Apollo Career Center's School of Practical Nursing introduces CAE Juno to their program

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Apollo Career Center’s School of Practical Nursing in Lima, Ohio is the first organization in the United States to purchase and implement CAE Juno, CAE Healthcare’s new clinical skills manikin. CAE Healthcare and Apollo forged a collaborative working relationship in 2011 and as a result, the Apollo Career Center will introduce Juno to students this fall.

“Simulation is an important part of the learning experience,” says Lisa Brackney, LPN Program Manager, Apollo Adult Education. “It enhances the student’s critical thinking and enables them to apply that thought process to a wide range of scenarios.”

Apollo’s LPN program is an accelerated, fast-paced 11-month course, with about half of the 1,376 hours spent doing hands-on training. CAE Juno will be an additional tool the adult training center will use to ensure students are well prepared to obtain their nursing certification and enter the workforce.

“Students enjoy simulation days,” says Brackney. “They are able to practice their nursing skills and test their critical thinking in a safe, controlled environment.”

The need for highly trained and skilled nurses will continue to grow. “It’s important that we continue to grow and evolve our training as the health needs of our communities continue to do the same,” explains Brackney.


“With the addition of CAE Juno our students will be well equipped to treat all types of illness and injury; from administering IVs and shots to post-operative, pregnancy and trauma scenarios.”

Juno is the second patient simulator Apollo has purchased from CAE Healthcare. “It will be a great introduction to students early on in their training and will prepare them for more advanced simulations on our high fidelity model later in the program,” explains Brackney. 

Apollo’s LPN program opened its doors in 1956 and trains approximately 50 nursing students each year.    

Discover for yourself how CAE Juno can enrich your clinical skills training program. Contact s CAE Healthcare representative today.