CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite

Virtual, hardware-free simulation management

The light and simple solution for your remote healthcare training

Go hardware-free with CAE LearningSpace Enterprise Lite - a cloud-based solution for simulation management, providing end-to-end tools to meet your remote simulation training needs.

Optimized remote simulation, light on

  • Infrastructure – Cloud-based solution that needs little IT infrastructure, maintenance, or hardware.
  • Your pocket – Easy and economical to scale as a hardware-free SaaS solution with low upfront costs and total cost of ownership.
  • Management – Seamless workflow to schedule, run, debrief and report for any remote training.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

  • Schedule, record, annotate and assess remote simulation training securely from anywhere, anytime.
  • Learners, Standardized Patients can easily join their session remotely through the secure the Virtual Room functionality.
  • Media files and documents can be embedded and accessed remotely by learners for effective asynchronous learning.
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