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Using the CAE Embody virtual simulator, you can participate in a simulated clinical experience. Your goal is to provide safe nursing care just as you or your learners would in real-life clinical practice. This simulated clinical experience is a two-day postoperative partial gastrectomy to remove a cancerous lesion.


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Once you enter your information into the form, our platform will be ready for your trial run. Perform an assessment and note everything you discover. Using the latest technology and algorithms, our platform will provide a score validated by our clinical team and a summary of personalized feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

Benefits of CAE Embody:

  • Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Access CAE-supported content that’s continually updated
  • Train and practice on our state-of-the-art virtual simulator 
  • Use the platform that scales to meet changing education and training needs
  • Save space and equipment expenses

With our self-directed learning experiences, students can practice at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want, making it easier for them to prepare to deliver high-quality patient care.