What Makes Fidelis Lucina the “Female Patient Simulator of Choice?”

| Roxanne Blanford

When educators of the Gwinnett Hospital System's Center for Patient Safety and Medical Simulation in Atlanta, Georgia decided to purchase a maternal-fetal childbirth patient simulator, they knew it was not a decision to be taken lightly, or one to be made in haste.  

Find out why they ultimately chose CAE Lucina.

Various Birthing Simulators Were Exhaustively Evaluated
The medical simulation center within the Gwinnett Hospital System embraces an innovative curricula. It includes team based learning experiences and simulation training courses ranging from sewing models and ultrasound compliant models to instruction in central lines and fully-functioning simulators that simulate birth, cardiac arrest and patient responses (crying, bleeding, etc).

Armed with a goal to obtain the best possible female patient/maternal simulator, and after an exhaustive 4-month evaluation period that encompassed categorical assessments and in-depth product comparisons by dozens of key stakeholders, the Gwinnett Hospital System made their final decision.

They chose the CAE Lucina Maternal Fetal Childbirth Simulator.  

Gwinnett Chose Fidelis Lucina for Several Compelling Reasons
Thomas Doyle, president and CEO of SimOne Healthcare Consultants, consulted with the GHS on its birthing simulator evaluations. Utilizing a rating scale from 1 to 5 (with 1 being "poor" and 5 being "excellent”), the simulators were assessed in thirteen categories, including:Lucina is useful for gravid and non-gravid healthcare training

  • Anatomically realistic airway
  • Anatomically correct pulses
  • Quality of heart sounds
  • Quality of breath sounds
  • Chest compressions to AHA standards
  • Rich library of training content/clinical scenarios
  • Ease of operating the software
  • Aesthetics/Appearance   

The majority of Lucina's scores were a Perfect 5.
"Lucina won hands down,” Doyle summarized.

Most Attractive Simulator Feature: Lucina's Gravid and Non-Gravid Abdomen
Doyle added, "The aesthetics of Lucy (Lucina) are excellent and the best we have seen. Most attractive feature is that in December [CAE Healthcare] will release a non-gravid abdominal insert, with bowel sounds, so she can double as an adult patient simulator. This will allow GHS to increase throughput and manage multiple demands more easily. Plus, Lucy would be a female mannequin when that is required without the use of moulage beyond clothing."

Evaluators also made special note of Fidelis Lucina's extremely realistic skin and the competitiveness of the mannequin's Q-CPR (quality CPR), which is now integrated into all of CAE Healthcare's new patient simulators. CAE Healthcare was given additional high marks in customer service and for the availability of professional training.

Thomas Doyle, who holds both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Nursing, and more than seventeen years of experience in medical simulation education, offered the following in conclusion: 
"This is definitely the birthing/patient simulator Gwinnett should purchase."

And all indicuations are that Gwinnett Hospital System will obtain a Fidelis Lucina birthing/female patient simulator in the immediate future.

Is your simulation training center in need of an adult patient simulator that can double as both a maternal fetal childbirth simulator, and a non-pregnant female patient simulator, for high-quality, high fidelity simulation-based training? 

Click here to discover more about the Lucina Female Patient Simulator

She may just be the patient simulator you've been needing all along.

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