Student Nurses Master Birthing Skills with CAE Lucina

| Roxanne Blanford

Learning to manage routine and emergency birthing scenarios is crucial for every student nurse and novice learner who will need to apply these skills in the real world one day. Allied health students at Eastern International College (EIC) in New Jersey are learning to master childbirth skills with the help of the CAE Lucina childbirth simulator.

In addition to childbirth training, EIC uses CAE Lucina to teach nursing students about hypertension and how the condition of elevated blood pressure may lead to a range of complications for a pregnant patient, including cardiac arrest and organ damage.

Real-life medical emergencies can be daunting for any new healthcare provider. But when novice learners and student nurses are exposed to these scenarios within a controlled, safe and risk-free training environment, the experience can turn into a valuable educational opportunity with long-lasting, positive impact upon skills retention and patient care.

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With palpable, soft skin and the ability to simulate uterine contractions and leg and hip articulation, CAE Lucina offers EIC nursing students valuable practice in childbirth positioning and related birthing maneuvers. The lifelike fetus is delivered through a realistic birthing canal and produces heart sounds, cries upon delivery, and presents an umbilical cord that can be cut and clamped.

According to Valerie Donnelly, MSN, RN, chair of the Nursing Department on the Belleville campus,

The possibilities of the (CAE Lucina) simulator are almost endless. When students go out into the real world, they're more prepared."

CAE Lucina is a physiologically-advanced birthing simulator that has been shown to boost student confidence by providing exposure to various real-world labor and delivery scenarios. The childbirth simulator helps nursing students in improving their critical reasoning skills and honing reaction times. 

Eastern International College enlists the Lucina patient simulator to enhance realism within the classroom setting. When CAE Lucina bleeds excessively after childbirth, for example, student nurses must use their critical thinking skills to assess the situation based on the simulator's symptoms. Upon performing an intervention, they evaluate their actions, consider if what they did was successful, reassess if they could have done anything differently, and try again.

All of this can be accomplished with repetitive practice that causes no harm to an actual patient.   

CAE Lucina additionally offers the most complete training in shoulder dystocia management and supports mechanical ventilation for unrivaled versatility in labor and delivery training. The simulator even has the option of transforming into a non-gravid patient to allow student nurses to practice emergency scenarios on a non-pregnant female patient.

Donnelly concludes, "It's really an amazing technology."

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Eastern International College (EIC) has been educating students in medical practices since 1990. Over the past 20 years, the school has expanded its training programs to provide a growing number of students with access to quality education for a future in the medical profession of their choice.
 The Eastern International College nursing program in Jersey City and Belleville, NJ is approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing, which means that graduates may be eligible to apply for state licensure and sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

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