National Nurses Week 2019 | Celebrate Nursing with CAE

| Roxanne Blanford

National Nurses Week (May 6 - May 12) was established in 1993 by the American Nurses Association (ANA) as an annual recognition event in the United States.

It begins on National Nurses Day and concludes on the birthday of Florence Nightingale.*  The chief aim is to elevate recognition of the vast contributions and positive impact of America’s 4 million registered nurses. 

Celebrate Nurses All Year Long

CAE Healthcare welcomes this invaluable week-long opportunity to draw focus to the important contributions in healthcare made by nurses the world over. We're also looking forward to using this time to bring necessary attention to the many ways that human patient simulation training enables student nurses and educators, allied health professionals and physicians, veteran and new nursing practitioners to achieve better performance, improved outcomes, and increased patient safety throughout the healthcare continuum.

CAE Healthcare Celebrates National Nurses Week 2019

To commemorate #nursesweek, CAE Healthcare is offering up a series of daily articles, social media posts, and relevant insights to motivate greater awareness about the role nurses play in healthcare. CAE will also use this opportunity to highlight how training facilitators are opening the door to the future of nursing by embracing simulation as a reliable teaching tool for developing essential skills.

Below is a list of the seven (7) areas we'll focus on for Nurses Week 2019, with an emphasis on simulation:

May 6:  Celebrate Nurses Week with CAE  (National Nurses Day) 
May 7:   Patient Simulation as the Future of Nursing
May 8:  Mastering Childbirth Skills Through Simulation  (Student Nurse Day)  
May 9:  What are the Benefits to a PICC-Trained Nursing Professional?
May 10: Neonatal Nursing Simulation for Improved Outcomes
May 11: CAE Juno in India: Best Practices in Nursing Simulation
May 12: Quebec's CEGEP Network Gets Cutting Edge Nurse Training (International Nurses Day)

CAE Healthcare is on a mission to improve clinical competency, performance and outcomes. CAE develops evidence-based curriculum and innovative learning technologies for healthcare education that helps to advance procedural proficiency and advance  a culture of patient safety through healthcare simulation.

Count on us to deliver reliable solutions that strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of your learning environment so that you can turn your nurse training and clinical skills development priorities into an attainable reality. 

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*May 12 is also recognized by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) as International Nurses Day (since 1965)

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