Making Healthcare Safer at Carilion Clinic with CAE Simulation

| Roxanne Blanford

As today’s healthcare learners embark on their journey towards becoming tomorrow's professional clinicians, every day they are challenged with acquiring the technical, non-technical, and procedural knowledge that is imperative to their vocation while, at the same time, recognizing the need to maximize patient safety. 

Fortunately, a high-quality simulation training lab can help by offering learners much-needed exposure to rarely-encountered, high-stakes situations (within a risk-free training environment). These encounters may be reproduced at any time, giving novices and seasoned professionals opportunities for repetitive learning experiences in how to handle even the most extreme of healthcare events.

New, State-of-the-Art Sim Lab for Carilion Clinic

In February of 2018, Carilion Clinic, a not-for-profit, award-winning and Joint Commission-accredited healthcare services and medical education entity based in Roanoke, VA opened a brand-new, multi-million dollar simulation training facility.

The Center for Simulation, Research and Patient Safety provides a wealth of opportunity for clinical learners and health care practitioners to develop and master essential skills in realistically-designed patient care settings. 

The 13,000-square foot sim lab features advanced simulation rooms—including a trauma bay, an operating room, and two patient rooms. Along with responsive patient simulators, there are computer rooms, a skills lab, and debrief rooms that are capable of reproducing just about any potential situation that might occur in an actual hospital. Previously, there had been only one room for teaching. Now, there are four.

This is a huge expansion for us,” said center manager Misty Flinchum. “There isn’t anything we can’t simulate." 

Discover the Carilion Clinic Sim Lab

Advancing Clinical Competency with CAE's Expansive Resources 

Carilion currently has a number of CAE Healthcare training solutions to help provide learners with the skills they need to provide safer, high-quality care, including

Roanoke's Carilion Clinic additionally has CAE LearningSpace Enterprise, CAE's proven clinical simulation management platform.

Engineered to offer an enriched end-user experience with advanced tools for automated recording, scheduling, reporting, learner assessment and OSCE testing, LearningSpace Enterprise allows Carilion's simulation facilitators to manipulate training scenarios that meet their precise learning objectives. 

With CAE LearningSpace's comprehensive and high-fidelity audiovisual capabilities, scenarios are securely recorded and students may be debriefed as soon as the training concludes so that they may review, receive constructive feedback and assess learning while the training is still fresh in mind. 


“Sometimes we come in after the debriefing and do it again. You never want someone to do it incorrectly and to walk away without doing it correctly,” Flinchum said.

Simulation is critical in training medical students and residents, noted Daniel Harrington, M.D., vice dean of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. 

"Students and residents learned how to do procedures such as starting IVs or placing central lines by doing on them on patients," he said. "Now, they learn through simulation. We’re learning more and more how to take care of patients in ways that are better and safer than before. Many great advances are coming for our patients.”

About Carilion Clinic:
Carilion Clinic is a nationally ranked, integrated healthcare system headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. Its flagship, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, is the clinical affiliate of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Jefferson College of Health Sciences. In the most recent 2019-2020 U.S. News and World Report hospital rankings, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital ranked 3rd in the state of Virginia, and 1st in the region.

Carilion’s Center for Simulation, Research, and Patient Safety— the "Sim Lab" — places a focus on enhancing patient safety, medical education, and innovation.

Learn to Make Healthcare Safer with CAE

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