management solution

HIPAA Compliant
Real-time Analytics
A powerfully simple, end-to-end vaccination management system. Designed to rapidly scale vaccine delivery with frictionless workflow for healthcare providers and easy to use, patient friendly registration and booking. HIPAA-compliant and secure, with real-time analytics.

Working with
Vaximo’s patient app
is simple.


Individuals provide basic contact information and health and work status  to create a secure account.

Book appointments

The system displays available appointments nearby.  Booking and modifying appointments is easy and secure.

Get vaccinated

The Vaximo mobile app sends calendar reminders and alerts to individuals as well as follow-up wellness checks.


Individual registration is intuitive and efficient through the mobile application.
The Vaximo system automatically prioritizes patients based on demographics and responses to additional questions about work and health status.


Once registered, users can access the appointment times, locations and pre-appointment information you choose to include. Automated calendar reminders and phone notifications will follow to ensure clear communication.

Working with
Vaximo’s Admin app
is simple.


Quickly and efficiently confirm, consent and guide patients to appropriate workstations.

Patient management

Follow a visual dashboard of sequential workstations to monitor patients and staff resources.

Post vaccine care

Manage workflow through patient observation and ensure automated wellness checks.

On-site center

Approved staff can see patient and station status across all locations for system-wide benchmarking and resource optimization. Patients with self-reported allergies are flagged for extended observation.
HIPAA Compliant

Post vaccine care

Following injections, patients are moved to observation stations for monitoring. When it’s safe to leave, they are notified with mobile alerts, and the system follows up with automated wellness checks.
Providers will be alerted
Automated follow-ups for wellness checks

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