Which LearningSpace Center Management Solution is Best for You?

| Roxanne Blanford

CAE Healthcare recently relaunched its signature CAE LearningSpace audiovisual capture/playback/ debrief and assessment center management platform to improve the achievement of educational objectives.

Now offering three tiers of advanced (yet, user-friendly) web-based recording configurations, LearningSpace provides greater flexibility and more convenient access to a wider range of options in center management.

Discover Your Best CAE LearningSpace Option Today

As the leading provider of center management solutions for simulation-based healthcare education (with a global staff of experts available to provide first-class training and service), CAE Healthcare continues to meet the changing and evolving needs of its customers.

CAE LearningSpacea powerful video-driven training tool for medical schools, nurse education programs, allied health and hospital-based simulation programs, offers three configurations in its center management solution portfolio.

Each option provides effective and effortless audiovisual recording, debriefing and assessment of your program's clinical learning encounters, with each choice offering precisely more of what you need.

All you have to do is choose the LearningSpace that's right for you!

CAE LearningSpace Experience: An affordable, basic video-driven center management solution

  • High definition video recording and playback

  • Built-in intercom for efficient instructional communications

CAE LearningSpace Essentials: Audiovisual capture and playback for streamlined training 

  • Easy-to-use scheduling calendar with automated reporting

  • Comes with 10 pre-loaded CAE Healthcare Academy curriculum learning modules (SCEs) 

CAE LearningSpace Enterprise: Everything you need for robust simulation center management   

  • Capture and share video, notifications, data, and reports -- to and from anywhere

  • Debrief; competently manage assessment and OSCE testing from one screen

  • Includes Standardized Patient training, scheduling, and payroll

  • Enriched video-driven training across mobile devices for greater flexibility

Still unsure which LearningSpace is the best solution for your training challenges?

Click here to learn more, or contact us directly.  We will gladly point you in the right direction.

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